While there are plenty of options for connection at a meeting, whether it’s in the rooms of AA, SMART Recovery, or Recovery Dharma, soberIRL offers a place to put sobriety into practice and in real life.

Virtual and digital communities provide an opportunity to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. But once you log off, it can lead to feelings of isolation when you don’t have a sober friend in your local network that offers the same level of support and motivation.

Having a local sober squad can help people feel less alone and know where to turn to grab a coffee, go to a boozeless brunch, or invite an accountability buddy to an event.

community agreements

We are not under the influence when meeting.

While cumulative sober time is not necessary to attend a meetup, being sober while meeting is required. We also agree to avoid sharing pictures of alcohol on digital community spaces.

We are here to support, not fix, each other.

Our recovery is our own, including any challenges we face. This space is available for us as an outlet when we are frustrated and we will be clear if/when we’d like advice from others on how to face those challenges.

We reciprocate respect.

The foundation to our community is respect as it allows us to trust one another. This includes respect of how parts of our identity and politics have affected our personal lives and our ability to live authentically.

We honor the individual.

The beauty of a community comes from the multi-faceted humans who are a part of it. Each member of the community has their own distinct path and experiences that has brought them to this moment.

We foster a shame-, judgement-, and guilt-free environment.

Shame, judgement, and guilt have no place in an uplifting community. We help each other embrace setbacks and mistakes as a way to learn more about ourselves and triggers — even when it feels difficult.