👋 Meet Mackenzie, your local community lead

Meetups are on a little hiatus. We’ll see you at the end of September!
Send @mackenzie_i_r a DM on IG for more info.

Lives in: Albany, NY-area

Instagram: @mackenzie_i_r

Hobbies: writing, reading, making mocktails, collaging, being a mom, watching TV alone while eating salty snacks + drinking a big ol’ mocktail.

A quick intro from Mackenzie

I love making mocktails and eating salty snacks, while watching TV alone. I’m an avid news consumer after being in journalism for a dozen years. I live with my husband and daughter in our new home, and love decorating it. (Can you say Insta thrift stores?) I am the organizer of the Northeast Teetotalers, the #NoEastTees, and started that group after being inspired by Karla’s call to expand soberIRL. We have been meeting virtually since December and have started to meet IRL. If you want more info, please don’t hesitate to reach out on Insta or email me at

A couple of Mackenzie’s favorites

Drink: ooh I have so many! new fave: Rowdy Mermaid strawberry kombucha. Other faves: Monday NA gin, Grüvi rose and dry secco, Topo Chico lime and all kinds of seltzer.

Quit Lit: “Between Breaths,” by Elizabeth Vargas

Podcast: I actually don’t listen to recovery podcasts. It’s really because I don’t have time, but when I do, I listen to “This American Life.” Soooo good!