the soberIRL collective

Woo hoo! If you find yourself on this page, I assume you want to learn more about becoming a local lead for community and joining the soberIRL collective. Below is more information on what it means to be a Local Lead.

Local Leads are an extension of soberIRL for their local community. They will help organize, facilitate, and host meetups — while keeping the Core Beliefs and Community Agreements in mind. They are a crucial piece of ensuring the soberIRL vibe is maintained.

 Commitments as a Local Lead:
● serve as an ambassador of the soberIRL community and brand
● host a meetup (in-person or virtual) at least every other month
● be the moderator and facilitator of virtual meetups and host of IRL meetups
● agree to Community Agreements and implement them during meetups 
● help promote the meetups within their network

 Commitments from Karla, founder:
● be readily available for questions and troubleshooting
● create and share assets, like IG posts
● manage the website, IG, and mighty network for soberIRL
● manage the calendar, registration, and invites for meetups

Local Leads are volunteering their time to host meetups so with that in mind, Karla will shoulder the bulk of the logistics and administrative work of keeping the community going. There is not a set time commitment for how long someone will be a Local Lead.

Still interested? The next step is setting up a video call with Karla by emailing