couch conversations about sobriety in real life

when shelter-in-place became a thing, soberIRL was able to transition from in-person events to virtual meet-ups over zoom. by keeping the meet-ups for local attendees, we’ve been able to develop new friendships online and look forward to fostering those in-person once it’s safe to do so!

while the group dynamic has been great, there’s still a little something missing about the ✨magic✨ of going to an IRL meet up. it’s those moments when you have a chance to connect with someone else one-on-one and dive a little deeper in each other’s stories. that’s where the newly launched IGTV series “couch conversations” comes in.

each week i sit with an alcohol-free friend and we casually talk about what their sobriety is like in real life, how they stay motivated and what resources have helped them along the way. the result? a 15-minute video released on sundays to hopefully fill that gap.

interested in recording your own couch conversation? reach out to to schedule!

past couch conversations

“The consequences were big enough for my life to be disrupted.”

“I’m in my 5 senses, I’m actually living now!”

“That one drink makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s not worth it”

“I like knowing I’m here and I’m experiencing it fully”

“LOL. Moderation.”

“Alcohol made my life exhausting.”