frequently asked questions

who is invited to attend?

This is a space for sober/sober-ish/sober-curious womxn or womxn how want to socialize without alcohol. 

Check out the list of cities were soberIRL meetups are hosted here.

do i have to have a certain sobriety time?

Nope! It could be day 1, 10 years or you may not even identify as sober. The only request is you NOT be under the influence of drugs, including alcohol, while attending an event.

what are the meet ups like?

There’s no standard meetup since the activities will change from event to event. All events will start with an opportunity to introduce ourselves and give us a chance to connect 1:1 and as a group.

is it free?

Yes! There’s no cost to attend meetups and we’ll do my best to keep it that way. There may be times you spend some money for lunch, coffee, etc. but we will share that information up front.

do i have to share my story?

Not at all! You don’t need to share any information if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. You also don’t need to talk about alcohol if it doesn’t fit into the conversation.

is there a 12-step or meeting component?

No, soberIRL is not connected to the 12 steps or other recovery meetings. The focus of our meetups is socializing and having fun.

still have a question? send karla an email.