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Lives in: North Vancouver, Deep Cove area

Hometown: Rossland BC, Canada

Instagram: @wearelivingrecovery & @sheera.ofgreyskull

Hobbies: Gardening, writing, oracle cards, arts markets, inventing new mocktails, moving furniture around, putting hats on dogs.

A quick intro from Sheena

I have been in the Vancouver area for 12 years, and LOVE that there are still a thousand corners of the city and its green spaces to explore. I am a part-time pirate, and through some of the week, I live and work at an off grid property up Indian Arm waterway.

When I’m in the city, I am usually finding new walks
and parks to explore with friends, or making moves on my start-up business. I love thrift store browsing, repurposing “garbage” into second lives of awesomeness, gift making/giving, connecting with people, cooking, art in general, and I have a “fur baby” relationship with my two Alaskan Malamutes
Khione & Riker. I am originally from the Kootenays and that’s obvious once you meet me – or so I’ve been told…let’s hang out and you can report back
on that! Married, Queer, Eclectic, and in love with my sobriety.

A couple of Sheena’s favorites

Drink: I am obsessed with “functional beverages” – right now: Solbru Elevate with aloe juice and Kombucha <3

Quit Lit: Alcohol Explained – William Potter …my gateway book.

Podcast: Dopey, Recovery Elevator, Seltzer Squad, This Naked Mind, Tara Brach, The One You Feed, Ten Percent Happier…I can go on and ON, Podcasts are now my go-to media when I want to learn or touch in on

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